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OurSainsburys – my sainsburys.co.uk) – Our Sainsburys Employee Management System Coming to think of it, an employee has to handle various roles and responsibilities, interact with different members at the workplace and most importantly has to keep track of a lot of paperwork including notices, agendas, instructions, standard operating procedures (SOPs), salary details, insurance, and other benefits among all.

OurSainsburys – formerly MySainsburys.co.uk

This makes it difficult for the employee to balance life between work and home. In order to address this issue, many companies are using technology to make life simpler for its employees. One such thing is the development of an online cloud-based system for tracking employment-related documents, pay stubs, work schedules, pay slips, insurance details, leave management and several other similar things.

Sainsbury’s, a United Kingdom Country Based chain of supermarkets has been using an online system called as Oursainsburys (earlier known as MySainsburys), to help out its employees with all the information related to work. It is the second largest supermarket chain and employs more than 195,000 people overall.

This system provides employees with access to information such as their working hours, work schedules, overnight shifts, bonus obtained (if any), payments received, etc. The company aims at making the employee experience hassle-free and help them better manage all employment-related information by providing everything in one place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In order that one can use the Oursainsburys portal, they need to be first registered as valid employees by their managers on the system. Once this is done by their managers, the employees can login into the system without any hassles. Let us see in detail how one can login into the Oursainsburys portal.

OurSainsburys - mysainsburys.co.uk

Our Sainsburys

What Needed to Login Our Sainsburys Account

  • An electronic device such as Personal Computer (PC) / Laptop / Tablet / Mobile (Android or iOS).
  • Uninterrupted access to the internet.
  • A browser of your preference to access the website. The Oursainsburys system has been designed for compatibility with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and several other browsers. However, it has been noticed that the system performs best on the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.
  • A valid username which is generated after successful selection and registration on the system.
  • The employee’s National insurance number and employee number (also known as payroll number).

OurSainsburys (earlier mysainsburys.co.uk Login Portal)

Following is a step by step guide to registering and logging into the system:

  • Visit the Oursainsburys Portal via their website www.oursainsburys.co.uk or you can directly click here. Earlier this was known as “mysainsburys” and was accessible via www.mysainsburys.co.uk. The system has been now renamed and the site moved to the new portal www.oursainsburys.co.uk
  • You will be presented with a popup window where you have to enter your official username. This username is a combination of your first name, last name, and employee number. The company will issue you an employee number upon selection and registering in the system.
  • The username follows the format [email protected] (For example [email protected]). The employee number is also referred to as a payroll number internally.
  • After you enter the username, then you will be taken to the next screen asking for your password. Now the default password is your national insurance number. Here you must ensure that the first letter of your national insurance number is capital.
  • Then click on the Login button to enter the Oursainsburys system. Upon successful validation, the system will allow access to the portal.
  • After you log into Oursainsburys for the first time, the system will ask you to change your password immediately. Enter a new password which will be easier to remember and uncommon at the same time.

Note: In case you are unsuccessful in accessing your account even after entering a valid registered email address, you can connect with the DT service desk and the service team will help you to resolve the issue.

The Oursainsburys portal will allow all Sainsbury’s employees to check out updated information in relation to employee schedules, send and receive messages to / from the management, check out their payroll data, make complaints and receive updates on their address, raise tickets for any system related concerns, communicate with the supervisors and other management people and several more.

The portal allows access to employees working in different roles with Sainsbury’ such as supply chain managers, supervisors, business directors, operations managers, finance managers, Sainsbury’s colleague, technical manager, etc.

The company in addition to the online platform also offers certain additional benefits for the employees across all stores. Some of these benefits as listed below:

OurSainsburys Employee Benefits

Discount Card: An employee upon completion of 6 months service, is eligible for Sainsbury’s colleague discount card. This card allows the employee to obtain a minimum 10 Percent discount on shopping at any of the Sainsbury’s stores or through their online shopping channels. This discount further increases during festival times such as Christmas, Easter, etc. The employee can also select a second user of the Sainsburys colleague discount card.
Annual bonus scheme:— The company has in place several annual bonus schemes which are specific to each site/division. The rules and regulations for these schemes are communicated a year in advance (every previous year).
Extra colleague benefits program:— This program is directed towards the employee’s family members. Sainsbury’s provides a great range of discounts for its employees and their family members on a number of services such as gym memberships, restaurant and similar other places of interest.
Other policies:— The company also has several different employee benefit schemes such as pensions, savings for shares, share purchase, long-term services awards, child care, parental leave, insurance, career breaks, and flexible working practices.

About Sainsbury’s

Our Sainsburys


J Sainsbury Plc (widely known as Sainsbury’s) was founded in 1869, by John James Sainsbury in the form of a shop in Drury Lane, London. The company is headquartered in Holborn Circus, London. From a small shop in 1869, the company has grown to become the second largest supermarket chain in the United Kingdom. Sainsbury’s was among the early companies to start the self-servicing shopping model which is widely followed today.

Sainsbury’s along with its subsidiaries is engaged in activities such as food, general merchandise, clothing, and financial services. It also has interests in property investments. The group companies operate various store formats such as convenience stores, supermarkets, etc.

They are also involved in online grocery, general merchandise operations, energy solutions, home, clothing, toys, loyalty programs, electrical and technology products. Sainsbury’s has about 2,000 food suppliers, more than 1,000 non-food suppliers and 15,000 plus self-branded products.

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