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In this article, I am going to tell you everything there is to know about how to log in to the Oursainsburys portal. and how to reset your Mysainsburys password. You heard the name of Our Sainsburys before if you are an employee of the Sainsburys. This is a new portal on behalf of Mysainsburys.co.uk.

Now every working colleague needs to visit the My Sainsbury portal to access their payslip, pay stubs, and work-related data online. Oursainsburys.co.uk has been developed by Sainsbury’s exclusively for its staff, replacing the older website URL (mysabinburys.co.uk) that is no longer functional.

So every time you want to access the payslip portal you need to visit the new portal that is oursainburys.co.uk. To easily locate the official website of MySainsburys, you can conduct a Google search. Click on the official website link to gain access to your employee account.

Mysainsburys Login
Mysainsburys Login

Login is an easy task and requires some credentials to get access to the employee portal. Once employees prove their identity on the portal they can access the payroll website where they can check work schedules, working hours, shifts, bonuses, payslips, and much more details in one portal.

Our Sainsburys Account Creation Process

The official portal of Sainsbury does not provide an option to complete your registration online because of security issues. The online sign-up is not available for new employees.

So every colleague of the Sainsbury organization needs to contact the HR department or their manager to create their Sainsbury account manually.

Ask your manager or team leader for your account and get your username and password from the head of the organization which is your Manager or HR Department.

During the login, if you face any difficulties cause of the wrong username or password then at that time you also need to contact your manager. In the below section, we provided a helpline number for your help.

OurSainsburys Login Requirements

When it comes to login you need to figure out what are the important credentials that are mandatory for Oursainsburys login.

But before going to login steps you should know the required details which are provided below so check it out.

On the official web portal, there are 3 ways to access your employee account at Oursainsburys.co.uk. So let’s check them one by one.

  1. The first option is to use the Email, phone, or Skype Account.
  2. The second option is log in without a username or password by using a security key.
  3. The third option is to sign in with the GitHub option. Using GitHub sign in you must need to link your personal Microsoft account to a GitHub account.

Overview About Mysainsburys Login Credentials

In this section on login credentials, we will talk about the login credentials overview. Here you can check the username and password format.

  • Username: The username consists email address, first name, last name, and last 4 digits of the employee ID. If you don’t know your username then you can create by assembling these 4 details. For example, the valid username will be James.Smith.1234@mysainsburys.co.uk. Where James is your first name smith is your last name and 1234 is your employee id last 4 digits.
  • Password: The password consists National insurance number with no space between the number. Whereas the first latter will be in Upper Case. If you are going to log in the first time then you are recommended to change your password and make it strong.

NOTE: If you do not know the given details then you can contact your manager or HR department.

Oursainsburys Employee Login @Mysainsburys.co.uk

Sainsbury’s re-branded its employee portal which was known as mysainsburys.co.uk, now known as oursainsburys.co.uk. So don’t confuse this portal, they both are the same.

The difference between both portals is the My Sainsbury portal was the old portal that does not work anymore. Whereas Oursainsburys is a new employee self-service portal.

Now if you are wondering what is Oursainsburs then it is an employee self-service portal and this portal allows employees to request leave, check work schedules, and payslips, manage shifts, and working hour information online.

The online portal also helps employers track employee performance, monthly reports, income, and much more data.

Since we have mentioned the new portal website link here, so in this guide, we will discuss the login steps you need to follow at oursainsburys.co.uk portal. Check out the official instructions here:

STEP 1. Open the Google and search Our Sainsburys.

STEP 2. Now click on the first web page i.e. http://oursainsburys.co.uk/. It is the official portal link.

STEP 3. Clicking on the link will jump to the login page.

STEP 4. Now here enter your Email, phone, or Skype details.

Oursainsburys Login
Oursainsburys Login

STEP 5. After entering the details click on the Next button.

STEP 6. Next, you have to enter your login password to access the employee website.

STEP 7. Once you reach your employee dashboard you can check your payslip and other details online.

OurSainsburys LoginVisit Here
Official Website Linkhttp://oursainsburys.co.uk/

My Sainsburys Login Problems

Every time colleagues who want to access their Oursansibury payslip portal face some difficulties or we can say login issues. This login problem occurs because of many reasons and in this troubleshooting guide, we will discuss all the login problems and will provide you advice to solve these issues during your login.

The first cause of the login failure is the wrong website URL. So make sure you are visiting the right website for Sainsbury’s which is www.oursainsburys.co.uk.

If you visited the right website and still your web page is not loading then check your internet connection or check the website on another web browser.

Now if you are one of those who are not getting the above problem then maybe you are facing the login error due to incorrect login details. Then make sure you are using the right username and password for your account.

These are some major problems that an employee gets during their login so keep these all given points in your mind to access your payslip portal.

Now if you’re still facing the issue then contact your Manager or HR department. Below we provide the contact details for your help, You can take a look at the helpline numbers.


The main motive to get access to the online My HR sainsburys portal is to check their online payslip and salary slip. To get access to their Work-related data the online ESS portal is developed. But the cause of the wrong login details you are unable to sign in then this section will help you.

Sometimes users and colleagues need assistance from the head department. In order if you are having trouble during your login and accessing the online payslip portal then you can contact the given helpline number.

Problems related to technical queries will be sorted out by HR. Sometimes employees lock their accounts and do not find any right way to access the portal.

In such cases the helpline number came into existence, so now you can get all the department’s numbers here.

DT Service Desk0345 603 2282
Human Resources0800 707 6242
Bank Service Desk0345 603 4401
Depot Service Desk0345 603 5538

Benefits of Sainsbury’s Employees

Are you aware of the Sainsbury employee benefits? If yes then it’s good and if you do not know what advantages and benefits employees get from joining the Sainsbury organization, then check the following advantages.

  • Joining Sainsbury help you to get a 10% discount on your purchases at the Sainsbury stores. But to get this advantage you should have completed your 6 months’ service at Sainsbury.
  • Extra discounts are provided on gym memberships, restaurants, and various attractions for both employees and their family members.
  • On special occasions, employees get an extra discount using the colleague discount card. You can avail of up to 25% discount at Sainsbury’s stores.
  • Employees get a scheme for their work which is known as the Bikes-for-work Scheme. More than 700 employees are using the bike scheme which helps them during their work.
  • At Sainsbury’s, employees get childcare vouchers, working arrangements, and enhanced maternity pay as an employee benefit.
  • Joining Sainsbury you get a pension scheme.
  • Sainsbury’s also provides health care benefits to its colleagues.
  • The senior management and store manager get the car scheme benefits where they get cash for the car.
  • Joining Sainsbury’s organization helps you in many ways and one of them is it provides a paid holiday to its employees and it depends on work your role. Based on your service length, location, and pay structure the holiday is given between 22 to 27 days.
  • An annual Bonus scheme is provided to its working colleagues.

About Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s is a supermarket chain in the United Kingdom. The company was established back in 1869 by John James Sainsbury. Sainsbury is the 2nd largest supermarket that holds 14.6% shares of UK supermarkets.

Currently, Sainsbury runs more than 1400 shops around the United Kingdom in different locations.

171,000 employees are working with Sainsbury and its is comes under the top 5 employment providers.


Does Sainsbury’s have a Mobile App?

Many companies use mobile apps to provide quick access to their colleagues but this can help stealers to steal the employee information. For employee security, Sainsbury’s did not introduce the mobile app. But you can use your smartphone or mobile to access the Sainsbury’s payslip portal. Visit the official website on your mobile and use your username and password to log in and easily access your paystub.

What Happens If I Forget Mysainsbury Password?

This is a common problem that happens with many colleagues. So you do not need to worry about the wrong login password. Sainsbury helps its colleagues reset their passwords by clicking on the Can’t access your account on the login page. Then you need to choose an option from the account created by your or the IT team. Next, provide your work mail and click on reset the password.


Well, this is all about the Our Sainsbury’s login guide. In this guide, we provided all the necessary information regarding the My Sainsbury’s portal. I Hope this information provided on this portal helps all the colleagues to get their payslips and other employee data easily. In case you need any further assistance then you can ask your queries through comments.